Parking in Newcastle is just fine


When In Rome: This photo received an honourable mention in last year’s Lake Macquarie National Exhibition of Photography. Entries are open for this year’s competition. Details at lakemacnat.myphotoclub出售老域名.au. Picture: Martin Newland We’ve found the answer to Newcastle’s parking problems.

Let’s have a city of tiny cars. They couldlive together in perfect harmony with trams.

This picture was taken inRome, which is famous for itsinnovative parking.

It reminds us of driving along Hunter Street, looking in vain for a parking spot.

It’s funny how some people have a knack for finding great parking spots.

We know a bloke who sees parking as a challenge. He doesn’tgive in easily.

Take,for example, going to a game at Stadium Australia. Most people would get the train or park in a parking station.

Not this guy. He looks for a free spot as close to the stadium as possible. And he gets it. He might break a few rules, but he sees that as part of the challenge. He’d do well in Rome.

It’s probably true to say that the kind of parker you are says a lot about the kind of person you are.

Do you go for the spot nearest to your destination?Or do you look for a spot a bit further away, on the periphery? Do you drive around in circles looking for a parking spot, getting angrier and angrier, before giving up and going home?

University of Newcastle lecturer PaulScott wrote in the Newcastle Herald on Monday that it was time for more conversations about “outdated expectations around free parking”.

This reminds us of one time we were parking at a Knights game. Somebody left us a note on ourwindscreen, saying: “Parking Fine”. We took it as a compliment.

Then there was the time we weredriving down HunterStreet in a sweat because wehad an important interview and couldn’t find a parking spot.

We lookedup toheaven andsaid: “Lord, take pity on me. If you find usa parking spot, we’llgive up driving to save the environment and catch public transport for the rest of ourlives”.

Miraculously, a parking spot appeared. Welooked up again toward our Lord and said: “Never mind, wefound one”.

A Good Sign A sign at Merewether ocean baths.

Speaking of Paul Scott, he snapped this picture last week of a “No Dogs” sign, stencilled onto the ground atMerewether ocean baths.

ThenonMonday morning, he sawa large council sign on the platform around the bathsat the northern end, which also said:“No Dogs”.

Topics reckons thesesigns area very good sign, indeed. Dog crap and bare feet really don’t go well together.

Love the HeraldThe Herald has some great photographers.

Among them isJonathan Carroll, who took out a prestigiousKennedy award on Friday for an outstanding portrait.

We hear he gave a great speech, at the end of which he said: “I f***ing love the Newcastle Herald”.

Pure passion, that.

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