Pastor petitions for increased penalties for concealing child abuse


PUB CHAT: Pastor Bob Cotton discusses his petition for stronger penalties for concealing child sex abuse with patron Garry Broad at the Grand Junction Hotel. Picture: Jonathan CarrollNot many people would think a pastor would be the most popular man at the pub.

But when that pastor is pushing forstronger penalties for people who conceal child sex abuse, it makes a lot moresense.

Maitland Christian Church pastor Bob Cotton has started a petition calling for the maximum penalty for concealing child abuse to be increased.

It comes after the NSW Government recently passedlaw reforms in response to theRoyal Commission into Institutional Responses toChild Sex Abuse.

The reforms included new offences of failing to report child abuse and failing to protect against child abuse, both of whichcarry a maximum penalty of two years imprisonment.

Pastor Cotton wantsthatmaximum penaltyincreasedto five years, whichwould make the act a serious crime rather than a summary offence.

He has hit the streets of Maitland trying to collect the 10,000 signatures necessary for the matter to be tabled in parliament.

Pastor Bob Cotton

Pastor Cotton has gone to hotels, cafes and otherbusinesseswith the petition in the past three weeks.

And while the initial sight of a man in a pub wearing a tidy suit holding a clipboard might seem odd to some, Pastor Cotton said when he tellspatrons what he’s doing they can’t sign quick enough.

“People grab the clipboard with both hands,” he said. “It seems to be an absolute no brainer for the average person. Many of them see concealing as the same as perpetrating.”

Pastor Cotton said the topic of Archbishop Philip Wilson often came up in discussion, as Wilson was convicted of concealing abuse and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment –likely to be served via home detention.

“People say ‘what the hell is wrong with the courts’,” Pastor Cotton said. “I say ‘the magistrate didn’t have the power to give a longer sentence’.

“Politicians need to pass the laws to give police and the courts the tools to get the job done.”

Pastor Cotton said whileabout 99 per cent of people he has approached have signed the petition, he needs help increasing the volume of signatures.

“We need more boots on the ground, an army of people who care about protecting kids,” he said.

Petitions can be downloadedfrom: andreturned to Petition NSW, C/- PO Box 20,MaitlandNSW 2320.

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