SA flags ‘strong’ infrastructure budget


Steven Marshall says his government is ‘cleaning up Labor’s mess’ after coming to power in March.South Australian Premier Steven Marshall has flagged “strong” infrastructure spending in what will be a “reasonably tough” state budget.

Mr Marshall said the government will meet all its pre-election commitments in next month’s budget as it goes about the job of “cleaning up Labor’s mess” after coming to power in March.

There’s growing speculation of cuts to government service, most likely directed as those which are not considered front-line.

But the premier said there will be capital projects to help get SA moving.

“As you’ll see on September 4, the new government has got a very strong program of future infrastructure projects for our state,” he told reporters on Monday.

“We recognise the importance of making sure that we have a strong pipeline of infrastructure projects ready to go.”

Mr Marshall said the state government was also working hard to establish Infrastructure SA, the body to be charged with evaluating and directing future developments.

It was also working with the federal government in a bid to secure more commonwealth funding, he said.

“We want to give certainty to the market, we want to provide a 20-year productive infrastructure plan with five-year updates on that plan,” the premier said.

“That will essentially give our capital expenditure intention to the market.

“I think there’s going to be plenty of work under way going forward.”

Mr Marshall said the Liberal government was also determined to do the work taxpayers expected in terms of independent cost-benefit analysis of all projects to make sure public funds were spent wisely.

“So that when we spend a cent of the taxpayer dollar in the future we are spending on the highest value, highest return projects that get our state moving,” he said.

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