Short Takes August 15: readers have their say on the day’s news


EVERYONE wants a picture of the Queen.The latest craze, it seems, is asking MPs’offices for a picture.People hear someone saying “free stuff” and everyone wants someWell, has anyone thought about who pays for this “free stuff”?You do, the taxpayer,and most of you will be the first go exclaim with shock and horror when the media reports on how much is spent on consumables in their offices. That portrait of the Queen, the flag you have draped over your bar and that constitution book you will never read all are paid for by the taxpayer.If you genuinely love the Queen and have a flag pole, by all means contact your MP. But if you simply want free stuff, rememberit is never free.

Kim Smith,CessnockIF THE entire state of NSW is now considered in a 100% drought condition then I am at a loss wondering why the heck severe water restrictions have not been implemented statewide to conserve this obviously valuable resource and redirect it to our struggling farmers. Who would object? Surely nobody.

Lisa Davies,Mayfield WestI DROVE into Hunter Street en route to see a movie at the last movie theatre still standing in the city. I drove in the section between the intersection of Union Street and the intersection of Darby Street. Single lane both sides of the road. On the northern side there is no parking at all and that begs this question. How do the businesses on that side of the road receive deliveries?Businesses anywhere near the light rail are certainly doing it tough but when you ask them how it’s going they just smile and say that they hope that it will get better.We need to support them before they have to call it quits. I also noticed that amid all the building sites there were tradies vehicles taking up many parking spots for the most of the days. Certainly near the Tower Theatre.No parking, no deliveries, no customers, no sales.

Denise Lindus Trummel,MayfieldI THINK people should be aware of the crippling drought that is causing our wildlife to suffer; no water, no food. A lot of the animals are being run over on our roads. Our wildlife is just as important as other animals. The media should be focusing on them as well. Every animal on this planet feels emotions just like us, so if you are driving on our highways and see dead animals stop and check their pouches for babies.

Anne Edwards,Mayfield East I AM sorry John Arnold (Short Takes 11/8)but voting for a hypocritical party that is going to address the mythical climate change issue is not going to have any bearing on the outcome of the weather patterns .Your so called party’s with a history of strong climate change actions must not be doing there job. If you believe the climate is changing, I’d suggest it’s back to the thinking room and pray for rain as history shows the rains will come.

Brad Hill,SingletonCORRECTIONAN article in Friday’sHerald(‘Town living in the hope of rain’)incorrectly stated the length of the$14.5 million Scone to Murrurundi pipeline due for completion in 2020. The pipeline will be 40 kilometres long.

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