Short Takes August 16 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news


If Australian Politicswas the title of a James Bond film the plot may well be that special agent Malcolm Turnbull is sent on a mission by Labor to infiltrate and destroy the Liberal Party. Agent Turnbull seems to be on track to complete his mission successfully.

Jim Gardiner,New LambtonJOSH Frydenberg promises Australians $550 savings on their electricity bills, so should the state governments agree to his NEG? Do the Liberals take Aussies for mugs? Perhaps Josh needs to be reminded that we’re still waiting for the $550 Tony Abbott promised us when he destroyed the carbon tax, the cleverest and most effective measure we have come up with to reduce carbon emissions to date. We have never been in such dire need of a federal election.

John Lawton,BelmontTHIS week I saw something that I cannot get out of my mind. I saw a tall, powerful man deliver a blow to the face of a young, slender man who was clearly not expecting it. The result was a most grievous injury: a broken jaw and lost teeth. This younger man will carry this injury for the rest of his life.

Colin Robinson,CardiffIT’S time to end denial. It’s not drought. It’s desertification. Sorry.

Niko Leka,MayfieldI THINK the Newcastle Permanent Building Societyneeds a good shake-up. There’s currently a banking royal commission, the Reserve Bank’s rates have been on hold since 2016, NSW is in a drought and the Permagain liftstheir interest rates. How?

Scott Wood,CardiffI AM on a bus to The Junction and I see thereare emergency exits to either side,1.5 by 1 metre windows that saybreak glass in case of emergency. The sun roofthat used to pop up to let fresh air in isnow also emergency exits. It’s boiling hot. I just wonder how the elderly alight from the bus in an accident if they don’t even recall where to catch it from. I’d be happy to push out the exits in an urgent situation, but would not be a reliable person to tell people where to catch the bus as I often forget what day it is.

Bryn Roberts,LambtonIN REPLY to Brett Durrance(Short Takes10/8): 8000 people? Are you sure? I didn’t know Easts had that many supporters. A few must have flown down from Townsville to make the numbers up.

Colin Atkins,WyongHOW lucky we are to live in a free and democratic country and be part of a working class community, retirees and people from all nationalities all supporting a common cause inthepeople on the land. Farmers andtheir families deserve better, so when governments allocate funding to overseas projects that are often necessary, priority should be given to the families of those hard working people of the land.

Gerry Mohan,Shoal BaySTEVE Barnett (Short Takes 13/8) opines that Tony Abbott is, “the only one with brains in parliament”. Tony doesn’t agree Steve. He once clearly stated he was not“the suppository of all wisdom”. However, I think his “wisdom”makes a great suppository. For many people it has the same effect.

John Arnold,Singleton

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