Tassie farmers to deliver relief to drought-hit NSW farmers


Tassie farmers to deliver relief to drought-hit NSW farmers READY: Matthew, Robert and Charlotte Bayles, 4, will help drought stricken farmers in New South Wales. Picture: Neil Richardson

Charlotte with the donated food.

TweetFacebook13 trucks each carrying 20 tonnes of hay will leave #Tasmania tonight to help central #NSW#farmers affected by the #drought. Absolutely awesome effort in my opinion. @ExaminerOnlinepic.twitter出售老域名/pBKQwpLaz1

— Tarlia Jordan (@tarliaj14) 12 August 2018

In each truck, there will be a tub of donated food and supplies. Katherine Bayles, who is part of Ulverstone’s Boot Scootin’ Devils’ line dancing club and Tuesday Craft organised the groceries to be donated.

“I started offthinking a beer-box sized hamper would be great, and then these two groups just bombarded me with donations,” she said.

The Devils also made a$5000 donation to the truckies for fuel.

Glenn Phillips was the brains behind the donation and said the idea started with a couple of guys sitting around having a chat.

“One guy said ‘I wouldn’t mind taking some hay up’ and I thought that was a pretty good idea too, so I asked my mate if I could borrow one of his trucks and he said ‘only if I can drive the other one’,” Mr Phillips said.

“Then I put something up on social media and suddenly it was four trucks, eight trucks and then 14.”

Mr Phillips said he expected a “pretty positive” reaction from the farmers.

“The guys taking it up are all farmers themselves so it’s a cause pretty close to their hearts.”

He said Woolworths had also donated 100 gift cards vauled at $300 each, as well as the public donating fuel and other donations.

The trip will take about a week.

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